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It’s a common superstition not to open an umbrella indoors. Back to the early Egyptians, umbrellas protected people from the heat of the sun and were thought to ward of spirits who might do them harm. To open one inside would offend the God of the Sun. Though superstitions aren’t logical, the idea of luck and magic can be comforting, especially when so many things are beyond our control.



Photography: Carles Medina @_carlesmedina_
Styling: Cristina del Peso @cristinadelpeso
Hair & Make up: Martha Garay @marthagaraymakeup
Model: Ane Macicior @maciciorane
Art direction: Mirall Studio


PEGASUS Collection Launch Party
On November 23rd, MIRALL celebrated a launch party in Barcelona at @Abaixadors10, where everyone was invited to join us for some drinks and live music.
18:00 – 19:30 @sisters.outlaw
‪19:30 – 20:30 @bofirax
‪20:30 – 22:30 @chidywayne b2b @marioazurza
Everyone who attended had a chance to check out and try on the latest collection before it officially released.

MIRALL presents PEGASUS, the second capsule collection in a series inspired by Catalan modernism and the architecture synonymous with it.


The collection owes its name to the figure on the ceiling of the Palau de la Música Catalana, designed by the modernist architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner in the early twentieth century. It is the only concert hall to have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The prints featured in the collection were created in collaboration with the textile designer Malen Agirre, who has incorporated her own interpretation of this magical space. The orange flowers and green details stem from the natural imagery of the ceiling itself, while blacks and whites evoke the sober elegance of the musicians on concert nights.
At the centre of the collection are two pieces: a suit with embroidery details, and a scarf inspired by the concert hall’s central skylight, which in turn represents the sun.
Both are mystical and alive with paradox – just like the building in Barcelona whose spirit the collection channels.


Barcelona-based brand MIRALL launches the Spring collection “INTERNATIONAL STYLE”. 
Includes men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. It will be available Thursday, April 4th from 7pm at
The collection is inspired by the materials of the spaces of the German Pavilion, the architectural style of Mies Van Der Rohe and his aphorism “less is more”.
A year after its first collection, the brand created by a fashion designer and an architect, launches a collection that combines these two disciplines.

Tavoni for MIRALL

Photography: Francisco Tavoni
MUA: Su Graf
Models: Bodhi Genis and Luca Anu Kiripun
Location: Studio Tropico, Byron Bay


Distorted images are results of reflections from broken mirrors. This concept has given inspiration to the latest capsule collection to be released by MIRALL.

Photography: Carles Medina, Francisco Tavoni and Oktavian
Stylist: Cristina Gonzalez
Models: Yasmin Suteja, Luca Anu Kiripun, Bodhi Genis, Shoshana Newman and Louis Nicolas

Locations: Byron Bay and Bali


I don’t really know how, Giulia and I were caught up talking about André Kertész and how cool would it be to play with a flexible mirror in a shooting.
At the time we didn’t know what we were going to shoot but I trusted her eye for photography and led my brain toy with the idea for quite some time.
It was after weeks I thought of Mirall and how it embodies this illusionary, reflected world we wanted to fiddle with.
Very casually I ended up taking some garments from Barcelona to London after a slice of pizza with Carles and Cristina.
Greta came in later in a very unplanned way. Initially I wasn’t going to video or photo, I would let Giulia do it and I stay behind, but my analog gadgets happened to fall in love with Greta.
The initial idea was to play with reflexions of light and a big flexible mirror, a formal experiment. How it materialised in the end is a collection of improvisations. I think the final work has been deeply influenced by this improvised process, the video, the photos
and the collages especially.
Many, many thanks to Greta Fernandez (@gretafernandez) for getting on board and being an amazing model, Georgina Vardy (@isitgeorgina) for styling and make up, Alex Font (@alexfxnt) from Shed London, Maria Roy (@m.royde) for helping with the set design in the cold and Carles and Cristina from Mirall ( for the trust.
Words: Eduard Barniol @eduardbarniol
Art direction, photography and video: Eduard Barniol
Photography: Giulia Zelig @giuliazelig
No sé como, Giulia y yo empezamos a hablar de André Kertész y las posibilidades de hacer un shooting con un espejo flexible.
Entonces no sabíamos muy bien que queríamos hacer pero confiaba en el el ojo de Giulia para la fotografía y empecé a pensar en la idea como un experimento visual.
Fue al cabo de semanas que pensé en Mirall y como representa a través sus piezas esta idea de un mundo reflejado y abstracto con el que queríamos jugar.
Acabé llevándome unas piezas de Mirall a Londres después de una
cena improvisada con Carles y Cristina.
Greta se unió de manera muy casual, durante unos días de febrero en Londres le explicamos la idea y le enseñamos las prendas que teníamos.
En un inicio no iba a hacer ninguna foto o video, dejaba a Giulia esa parte del trabajo, para pensar en el set design y acabar de ver como producir un trabajo estéticamente coherente, pero mis cámaras analógicas se
enamoraron de Greta.
La idea inicial fue siempre una exploración formal de reflejos y imágenes reflejadas. El como acabó materializándose fue un conjunto de momentos
improvisados y el resultado final está muy marcado por este proceso intuitivo, las fotos, el vídeo y especialmente los collages.
Queremos agradecer a Greta Fernandez (@gretafernandez) por haberse unido al proyecto, Georgina Vardy (@isitgeorgina) por el styling y maquillaje, Alex Font (@alexfxnt) de Shed London, Maria Roy (@m.royde) por ayudarnos con el set design en las bajas temperaturas de Londres y Carles y Cristina de Mirall ( por la confianza.
Texto: Eduard Barniol @eduardbarniol
Dirección de arte, fotografía y vídeo: Eduard Barniol
Fotografía: Giulia Zelig @giuliazelig
Greta Fernandez @gretafernandez (actriz/modelo)
Eduard Barniol @eduardbarniol (video/foto)
Giulia Zelig @giuliazelig (foto)
Georgina Vardy @isitgeorgina (estilismo/maquillaje)
Alex Font @alexfxnt (estudio)
Maria Roy @m.royde (escenografía)